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 As Eden (lead) – Dir. Noga Goldreich, USA

 As Sonya (lead) – Dir. Shira Sznaider, Poland



“unabashedly honest look at modern love, led by marvelously natural performances from breakout stars Meital Ner.”
— Jerusalem Post 

“Tel-Aviv” (feature)
As Dana (lead) – Dir. Marat Parkhomovsky, Tel-Aviv

“Take the 'A' Train(feature)
As Adi (supporting) – Dir. Itamar Lapid & Yair Asher, Tel Aviv


“12th Night” / William Shakespeare As Viola (lead) – Haifa Theater, 800 seats

Aquarium / Ronnie Brodetzky As Poet (co-lead) – Haifa Theater, 800 seats

A Tale of Five Balloons / Yuval Shem-Tov As Ruthi (lead) – The Culture Palace, 2035 seats


"The audience laughed themselves silly. There were moments of true theater mastery, choreography and coordination. I am full of appreciation for this great performance."
— Michael Handelzalts, Haaretz

"Already on big stages, Meital Ner is one of the most promising actors of the year."
— Yair Ashkenazi, Haaretz

"Unique, exciting, funny and heart-wrenching presentation... The text is performed wonderfully using impressive acting skills."
— Haim Noy, TheMarker

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